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  1. Is your plumbing company licensed? Does your plumbing company employ a licensed Journeyman Plumber? Journeyman Plumbers have very strict requirements. At minimum, they must have 8000 hours of job training before taking the exam.

  2. Is the Plumbing Company insured? Can the plumbing company provide liability insurance and workman's compensation insurance? Your plumbing company should gladly provide this information, especially if the project is in a multilevel building like apartments or condos.

  3. Does the company perform a background/ screening on it's employees? Allowing someone into your home requires a lot of trust. Know that the plumbers entering your home have been vetted.

  4. Do the plumbing company's employees have the right experience?  The plumbing trade encompasses a lot. Is your plumber experienced specifically with residential or commercial plumbing? Inquire the amount of jobs  performed as it pertains to you.

  5. How does the plumbing company protect your asset?  Do the plumbers lay a protective covering when performing work? Are they careful not to track dirt and debris into the home? These items are things you should consider when hiring the appropriate contractor.

  6. Can the plumbing company provide you with local references?  Just like hiring an employee, your plumbing contractor should have the ability to provide good references for work performed.

  7. Does the plumbing company have the right equipment for the job? A little research goes along way.  For example, if you continually have back ups in your sewer line, a sewer camera inspection should be performed. Ask the plumbing company if they have this equipment.

  8. Does the plumbing company offer a warranty and a guarantee to stand behind their work? Good plumbing companies will offer a minimum of 30 to 90 day warranty's on small projects and up to one year for larger projects.

  9. How are the plumbing companies customer reviews?  Make sure to check Google for company reviews. Often times, companies will only Post positive reviews on their website. Facebook is another option.

  10. Does your plumbing company offer upfront pricing? This type of pricing isknown in the Plumbing community as flat rate pricing. Regardless of the amount of time the job requires, plumbers charge a flat rate.

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